Our family in Denmark- Sorensen roots
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In front:Tante Anna and Farbror Rasmus Sorensen, with grandson Arne (son of Peter and Thora). Others, l-r: Ane Kirstine, Hansine, August, Marie, Thora, Soren (Dad's great-grandfather), Peter, Jens, Karen Marie, Julia, Peter, Hilda, Katrine (Dad's grandmother). See the Family Tree for more information on all of these.

Ane Katrine - first
wife, and mother
of Soren's children

Soren Sorensen

his second wife,
Ane Kirstine

Two of Ane's children are our
ancestors: Katrine and Julius.

Katrine and her stepsister Marie

First wife, mother
of Julius's children.

Julius married Hilda
Christiansen and
stayed in Denmark.
His second wife,
Katrine married Niels Peder Nicolaisen;
they came to America