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The One Consolation of a Soldier
written by Pvt. Russel Philip Remington on January 2, 1943
sent in a letter to his mother, Laura Russel Remington, from North Africa
he died in combat on March 31, 1943

Dear Mom as I sit looking up into the sky tonight
all lighted with millions of stars and the silvery moonlight
My thoughts are brought closer to home and you
Because this same sky over me is over you too.
The sky covers a great span
over thousands of miles of sea from land to land
On that side is glittering New York and home
and on this side the dark African sand and me sitting alone.
There’s a bitter war to be fought over here
where many fellows like me are fighting
for loved ones at home who we love so dear.
But some day we’re going to win this fight
And then we too will be looking at
the other side of the sky and the moonlight.