Our Extended Family
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Mary Anne (Remington) Turner
1854 1895
oldest sister of John Allen Remington


Alice C. (Remington) Bush
1903 – 1995
daughter of Joseph Ellery Remington, and first cousin to Fran & Chet and
Adeline “Addie” G. Randall
1909 - 1984
granddaughter of Mary Anne (Remington) Turner

Matilda Brayton (Turner) Randall with her two children, William & Adeline, c 1912. Matilda, who married Charles Randall, is the oldest of five children born to Charles & Mary Anne (Remington) Turner.


Adeline Gertrude Randall, c 1931, daughter of Fred & Adeline (Turner) Randall and granddaughter of Charles & Mary Anne (Remington) Turner.

Peace Hambly (Remington) Miller
1860 - 1926
sister of John Allen and Mary Anne

Adeline “Addie” G. (Freelove) King,
great-granddaughter of Mary Anne (Remington) Turner
and her daughter Heather King

*There are five “Adeline Gertrude” family members –
see if you can find them all on the tree!