South Kingstown, RI



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albro, Susan M.  1829South Kingstown, RI I21408
2 Atoyan, Fiona Violet  24 Aug 2001South Kingstown, RI I03030
3 Austin, Isaac Arnold  3 Aug 1811South Kingstown, RI I00486
4 Briggs, Ceally  Apr 1825South Kingstown, RI I10471
5 Briggs, Charles  20 Jun 1817South Kingstown, RI I10470
6 Briggs, Ebenezer  1806South Kingstown, RI I10473
7 Briggs, Elizabeth  Jul 1784South Kingstown, RI I10474
8 Briggs, Gorton  15 Feb 1790South Kingstown, RI I10482
9 Briggs, Harriet  Abt 25 Feb 1813South Kingstown, RI I06254
10 Briggs, Job  Apr 1801South Kingstown, RI I10492
11 Briggs, Maria  Between 7 Aug 1810 and 26 May 1811South Kingstown, RI I06250
12 Comstock, Paige Alexandra  28 Jun 1993South Kingstown, RI I06997
13 Fowler, Simeon  Abt 1717South Kingstown, RI I16356
14 Gardner, Ephraim  1 Jan 1692/93South Kingstown, RI I08712
15 Gardner, Hannah  4 Aug 1703South Kingstown, RI I08713
16 Gardner, William  27 Oct 1697South Kingstown, RI I08711
17 Hazard, Henry  Abt 1779South Kingstown, RI I28806
18 Hazard, Sylvester Gardiner  27 Jul 1760South Kingstown, RI I15639
19 Kettelle, John B. F.  Abt 1843South Kingstown, RI I05004
20 Knowles, Alice  Abt 1691South Kingstown, RI I17448
21 Knowles, Daniel  Abt 1679South Kingstown, RI I13970
22 Knowles, Henry  29 Sep 1675South Kingstown, RI I01906
23 Knowles, John  Abt 1683South Kingstown, RI I17444
24 Knowles, Margaret  Abt 1693South Kingstown, RI I17449
25 Knowles, Martha  Abt 1690South Kingstown, RI I17447
26 Knowles, Mary  Abt 1685South Kingstown, RI I17445
27 Knowles, Mary  Abt 1702South Kingstown, RI I06882
28 Knowles, Robert  Abt 1697South Kingstown, RI I17397
29 Knowles, William  Abt 1677South Kingstown, RI I17443
30 McCoon, Hannah  18 May 1706South Kingstown, RI I09995
31 Mitchell, John  Sep 1786South Kingstown, RI I07216
32 Northup, Joseph  Between 1792 and 1798South Kingstown, RI I13525
33 Northup, Sylvester II  Abt 1762South Kingstown, RI I13248
34 Northup, William  8 Dec 1732South Kingstown, RI I08625
35 Pearce, Jonathan  3 Jul 1758South Kingstown, RI I13642
36 Perry, Mary  19 Nov 1735South Kingstown, RI I06357
37 Records, Elizabeth "Betty" Jeannette  20 Jun 1922South Kingstown, RI I01119
38 Sheldon, John III  Abt 1685South Kingstown, RI I09518
39 Sheldon, Samuel  15 Jan 1713/14South Kingstown, RI I05781
40 Sherman, George W.  1815South Kingstown, RI I04820
41 Sherman, George W. Jr.  15 Feb 1840South Kingstown, RI I04825
42 Sherman, Job Watson  9 May 1833South Kingstown, RI I04822
43 Sherman, John Edward  21 Feb 1834South Kingstown, RI I03399
44 Sherman, Susannah  Abt 1715South Kingstown, RI I05782
45 Slocum, Ann  25 May 1742South Kingstown, RI I08626
46 Stedman, Dorcas  2 Apr 1766South Kingstown, RI I06329
47 Tanner, Joshua  1757South Kingstown, RI I15308
48 Tefft, Mehitabel  Abt 1715South Kingstown, RI I24423
49 Tefft, Mercy  Abt 1710South Kingstown, RI I24426
50 Tefft, Mercy  14 Dec 1749South Kingstown, RI I24435

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Briggs, Elizabeth  6 Nov 1869South Kingstown, RI I10474
2 Briggs, Job  22 Nov 1877South Kingstown, RI I10492
3 Briggs, Sweet  Abt 1844South Kingstown, RI I06218
4 Card, Job II  Between 1756 and 1760South Kingstown, RI I25860
5 Card, Job III  Abt 1777South Kingstown, RI I25859
6 Case, William  Abt Aug 1728South Kingstown, RI I02108
7 Fish, Alice  20 Jul 1734South Kingstown, RI I04065
8 Froberg, Thelma L.  12 Jun 2016South Kingstown, RI I06072
9 Gardner, Henry  26 Apr 1744South Kingstown, RI I03999
10 Girard, Mary  Aft 23 Aug 1731South Kingstown, RI I20321
11 Knowles, Daniel  1759South Kingstown, RI I13970
12 Peckham, Benjamin  1761South Kingstown, RI I02018
13 Remington, George E.  15 Jan 1948South Kingstown, RI I15359
14 Richmond, Abigail  20 Jul 1744South Kingstown, RI I02880
15 Sheldon, John I  Aft 1679South Kingstown, RI I10363
16 Sheldon, John II  Abt Jan 1705/06South Kingstown, RI I10361
17 Slocum, Cary D.  19 Dec 1859South Kingstown, RI I11960
18 Slocum, Peleg Sr.  17 Mar 1830South Kingstown, RI I09424
19 Smith, John  Abt 1 Sep 1729South Kingstown, RI I13908
20 Stedman, Thomas  9 Apr 1772South Kingstown, RI I09994
21 Sundberg, Johanna  15 May 1932South Kingstown, RI I06884
22 Sunman, Axel Wilhelm  3 May 1934South Kingstown, RI I06883
23 Sweet, Mary  Abt Jan 1745/46South Kingstown, RI I17339
24 Tefft, John  Abt Jun 1762South Kingstown, RI I24424
25 Tripp, John II  20 Nov 1719South Kingstown, RI I01494
26 Underwood, Samuel  Jan 1830South Kingstown, RI I27297
27 Unknown, Phillis  Bef 9 Mar 1740/41South Kingstown, RI I13909


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Grinnell, Isaac Clark  South Kingstown, RI I29068
2 Hull, Phebe Nichols  South Kingstown, RI I04866
3 Slocum, Arnold  South Kingstown, RI I11959
4 Slocum, Cary D.  South Kingstown, RI I11960
5 Watson, Job  South Kingstown, RI I04865
6 Watson, Phebe  South Kingstown, RI I04863


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Northup  15 Jul 1724South Kingstown, RI F05384
2 Almy / Remington  3 Sep 1740South Kingstown, RI F01092
3 Barber / Tefft  11 Jan 1728/29South Kingstown, RI F09138
4 Fowler / Jones  20 Mar 1744/45South Kingstown, RI F06323
5 Hull / Slack  30 Dec 1730South Kingstown, RI F06635
6 Kenyon / Gardiner  23 Mar 1726/27South Kingstown, RI F02927
7 Kettelle / Wells  11 Jun 1843South Kingstown, RI F02075
8 Northup / Clarke  27 Sep 1855South Kingstown, RI F09678
9 Ricci / Jacques  14 Feb 1998South Kingstown, RI F01139
10 Rice / Tripp  10 Dec 1730South Kingstown, RI F02298
11 Sheldon / Sherman  23 Sep 1739South Kingstown, RI F02215
12 Sheldon / Watson  11 Apr 1706South Kingstown, RI F03735
13 Stedman / McCoon  9 May 1724South Kingstown, RI F03939
14 Sweet / Bentley  11 Apr 1728South Kingstown, RI F09703
15 Tefft / Rogers  17 Jul 1766South Kingstown, RI F09160