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Note reads:
The names of your Grandmother Remington's children
from Ella
Other side of note has the names of 14 children of Alice Grinnell Remington:
Joseph, William, David, Thomas, Abner, Ellery, Benjamin, Abbie, Sallie, Hope, Phebe, Alice, Mary, John
(This note was written to one of the grandchildren living in Michigan, passed down in the family, and this is a photocopy of a photocopy.) 
  2 Sep 2019

  2 Sep 2019

Gilbert with sisters Phyllis, Loxi, Janice, and Carolyn. 
  23 Aug 2019

Gilbert's birthday, 2019 
  23 Aug 2019


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Champagne, Olive 
   5 Sep 2019
Martin, William Stanley 
   5 Sep 2019
Martin, Ellsworth Paul 
b. 14 Oct 1906  Keene, NH  5 Sep 2019
Remington, William M. 
b. 5 May 1911  RI  5 Sep 2019
Remington, Ronald Stephen 
b. Abt 1951   5 Sep 2019
Marcotte, Robert James 
b. 2 Sep 1934  Coventry. RI  2 Sep 2019
Rounds, Sarah 
   27 Aug 2019
Rounds, Roderick 
b. Between 1795 and 1797  RI  27 Aug 2019
Moore, Elizabeth 
b. Abt. 1811  Exeter, RI  24 Aug 2019
Grinnell, Isaac 
b. Abt. 1805  Tiverton, RI  24 Aug 2019

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I29078  William Stanley Martin  I29079  Olive Champagne    5 Sep 2019
     I29077  Sarah Rounds    27 Aug 2019
 I29075  Isaac Grinnell  I29076  Elizabeth Moore    24 Aug 2019
 I29073  George G. Sherman  I29074  Martha N. Holloway    24 Aug 2019
 I29072  Henry Steadman  I29069  Harriet Newell Sherman  aft. 1870  24 Aug 2019
 I29068  Isaac Clark Grinnell  I29071  Sarah Louisa Essex  2 Nov 1901  24 Aug 2019
 I29068  Isaac Clark Grinnell  I29069  Harriet Newell Sherman  Abt. 1859  24 Aug 2019
 I29066  Thomas M. Lewis  I29067  Sally B. Hoxie  Abt. 1836  24 Aug 2019
 I28961  John H. Lewis  I28962  Jessie J. Irvine  3 Mar 1867  24 Aug 2019
 I29065  John A. Weeden  I29056  Annie Jeannette Lewis    24 Aug 2019